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How to read spanish wine labels

Knowing how to read properly a spanish wine label is going to give you enough information about the content (and maybe a great deal) of that bottle. Like a popular saying: You can not judge a book by it´s cover; but when it comes to wine you can judge a wine by its label. A […]

Spanish and Mediterrenean Diet, a World Heritage Tresure

I was reading my news last day and I came across with an interesting article about spanish cuisine and mediterrenean diet in general: Spain launched a drive Monday to win European support for a bid to include the traditional Mediterranean diet on a U.N. list of protected world cultural treasures. Spanish officials say the cuisine […]

Turri-Burri. Fried Eggplant with Potatoes and Peppers

Turri-Burri Probably you are more used to eat this vegetables grilled instead of fried, but I really recommend you to give a try to this way. This way of cooking the vegetables are very common in some mediterranean regions. You can serve it a a side this, tapas or as appetizer. Ingredients: for 2 Servings […]

Wine Regions in Spain. The “Denominaciones de Origen”.

Today’s topic is about the huge diversity of distinct wine-producer areas in Spain. I don’t want to get technical about this topic I just want to show you at a glance the diversity of Spanish wines you can choose, what I think it makes spanish wines even more special. But as always, your last choice […]