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Cherry Gazpacho

Gazpacho de Cerezas How said that gazpacho is not a glamorous dish? Try this . Ingredients for 5 Servings: 1 Pound (0,5 kg) Cherries 1 Pound (1 Kg) Ripe tomatos 0,5 Cucumber 1 Small Red Pepper 2 Tasblespoons of Cherry Mermelade 2 Tablespoons of Tomato Ketchup 1 Garlic Clove 2 Tablespoons Vinegar Salt to tast […]

Sagrada Familia of Barcelona in serious danger. Help us to stop to the project!

I was watching the spanish news and I couldn’t believe what I was listening: “The Spanish government has approved a project for a high-speed train line linking Madrid and Barcelona to pass underground four metres in front of the Sagrada Familia basilica’s main facade”. What?¿?…You don’t have to be an engineer or an astronaut to […]

Veal Scallopini with Lemon

Escalopines de Ternera con Limón The combination of the lemon and the acidity of the cappers gives to the veal a very special flavor. It´s cheap and fast, and taste like a 25$ dish in a restaurant!!. Enjoy! -Samuel Ingredients for 4 Serves: 4 Pieces of Veal, pounded very thin to 1/4-inch thickness Juice of […]

Spain and olive oil, more than 260 reasons for all the buzz

In Spain 262 varieties of olives are cultivated, although only 24 are used regularly in the production of oils. The 262 varieties are grouped into four categories: principal, secondary, dispersed and local. The names are associated normally with diverse characteristics, such as the name of the tree, the form of the leaf, area of production. […]