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Sauteed Zucchini, Cherry Tomatoes and Olives

This lovely and colorfull recipe you can serve it as an appetizer but also is perfect as a side dish. If you love zucchini as much as I do, you should try this formula. I really enjoy it, so yummy and so simple to do. Really worth it play around with this recipe. I suggest […]

Spanish Wine Jumilla Appellation Decoded. Jumilla Vintage charts

This is the first of a series of episodes I am going to talk about the wine regions of spain. Also I created for your reference and futures tastings a Jumilla Vintage Chart that you can download for free. I hope you enjoy it. Download your free Jumilla Vintage Chart Today I am going ot […]

Fresh Bufala Mozzarella Salad with Cucumber and Oregano

Light, fresh and organic, this salad with mozzarella will persuade all cheese and salad lovers. With oregano as spice gives an enjoyable twist to this classic salad traditionally done with basil. Enjoy the summer! Ingredients: Bufala Mozzarella 1 Romaine Lettuce 1 Tomato 1/2 Cucumber Oregano Olive Oil from Spain Salt to taste Procedure: Clean the […]

5 Tips why ‘Iberian Yoga’ boost your health

If something is more typical spanish than toros, sangria and flamenco that’s ‘Siesta’. Now a days Siesta, is not that much typical spanish anymore, ‘Siesta’ cross borders to others countries and now has a lot of supporters. In this case at least globalizacion has some positive aspects. 😉 ‘Siesta’ now is not a practice for […]