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5 Tips why ‘Iberian Yoga’ boost your health

If something is more typical spanish than toros, sangria and flamenco that’s ‘Siesta’. Now a days Siesta, is not that much typical spanish anymore, ‘Siesta’ cross borders to others countries and now has a lot of supporters. In this case at least globalizacion has some positive aspects. 😉 ‘Siesta’ now is not a practice for […]

Spanish and Mediterrenean Diet, a World Heritage Tresure

I was reading my news last day and I came across with an interesting article about spanish cuisine and mediterrenean diet in general: Spain launched a drive Monday to win European support for a bid to include the traditional Mediterranean diet on a U.N. list of protected world cultural treasures. Spanish officials say the cuisine […]

Sagrada Familia of Barcelona in serious danger. Help us to stop to the project!

I was watching the spanish news and I couldn’t believe what I was listening: “The Spanish government has approved a project for a high-speed train line linking Madrid and Barcelona to pass underground four metres in front of the Sagrada Familia basilica’s main facade”. What?¿?…You don’t have to be an engineer or an astronaut to […]

How to survive the San Fermin Fiesta in Spain

I’d like share with you some usefull tips and advise links in how to survive and understand the San Fermines Fiestas in Spain. I am going to lead this post with my favorite site on this topic, the people of kukuxumusu and San, a beautifully designed sites with tons of usefull information for the […]