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Green Beans with Eggs and Potatoes

Other perfect summer dish, my handy recipe of “Patatas Hervidas con Judias Verdes y Huevos” goes very well with hot weather. For my it´s been very usefull and fresh resorce because is light, healthy, delicous and it´s organic. Ingredients: for 4 servings 5 Potatoes 4 Eggs 1 Pound ( 0,5 Kilo) Fresh Green Beans Olive […]

Chicken Breast with Beer Sauce

Pollo con Cerveza This is other of my favorite recipes. My Mother taught me how to make it when is was in college, this way she tried to make sure I was eating well and healthy…and it worked, suddently I stop eating pizza and burgers every day. 😉 Try it you will how easy to […]

July 2007 Most Popular Posts

Hi there! below you will find the most popular posts of July 2007, make sure you have not missed any. Wine Regions of Spain. The “Denominaciones the Origen” Map: The D.O at a glance. Download the most update Free Map of the Wine Regions of Spain. How to read spanish wine labels: Learn how to […]

Turri-Burri. Fried Eggplant with Potatoes and Peppers

Turri-Burri Probably you are more used to eat this vegetables grilled instead of fried, but I really recommend you to give a try to this way. This way of cooking the vegetables are very common in some mediterranean regions. You can serve it a a side this, tapas or as appetizer. Ingredients: for 2 Servings […]