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5 Tips why ‘Iberian Yoga’ boost your health

If something is more typical spanish than toros, sangria and flamenco that’s ‘Siesta’. Now a days Siesta, is not that much typical spanish anymore, ‘Siesta’ cross borders to others countries and now has a lot of supporters. In this case at least globalizacion has some positive aspects. 😉

‘Siesta’ now is not a practice for lazy people anymore, so don´t be scared to crush in your sofa. It´s good for health.

1) Romans already knew it:
‘Siesta’ from the latin “sixta” that´s how they called the sixth hour of the day after luch to get some sleep. ‘Siesta’ in not an invention of the modern days and stressed way of live, our ancestors already did it. Is was a necessity back then also.

2) Sofa, the favourite place.
A survey done by the high end italian sofa Natuzzi revealed that the most wanted place for siesta between spanish population was the sofa, preferibly with the TV on
and watching old western movies or documentaries are the best the fall sleep.

3) Doctor Recommendation:
With only 15 minutes a day, ‘siesta’ reduces possibility of hearth attack, arteriosclerosis, anxiety and enhances your memory. In words of a frenchman Michel Billar: ” Siesta is the best spanish contribution to the humanity “.

4) Is a Polical Issue:
Japanesse, pioneers for long time a go on sleeping at work, Corporations have specials rooms to get some sleep at work. Productivity increased 20%.

In Hungary want to create a law to regulate the siesta time, they need the support only of 200,000 signatures.

In Huelva(Sevilla) between 3 and 6 PM they have to stop making noise near an area called ‘Playa de la antilla’.

5) Hotel Siesta Rates:
Every day is more common Hotels between certain hours give special rates by hour to do ‘Siesta’ in Spain and other countries. Perfect choice after a bussines or coworkers lunch.

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