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Flavor of Spain – Recipes, Food and Wine from Spain

Great collection of simple and delicious recipes from Spain, my favorite spanish wines and more stuff related to Spain, it’s culture and way of life.
I always like it to collect my favorite recipes, food and wine notes in my old notebook. I´ve been carring my notebook up and down in parties, family and friends reunions when I was the one who was in charge of cooking for the ocasion……and that´s how everything started.
What’s a better way to store and share your recipes and notes than have them posted on the internet, available online permanently right?
So, Hello world!! this is my first post, my name is Samuel I was born and raise in Spain but now I live in New York City since 2004.
The idea with this site is to share with you my favorite recipes, food, wine and other aspects of Spain, and possibly a bit about myself.
If there is anything special you want to know about this website, just ask and I will do my best to answer. I know my english is not good enough yet but I ‘ll do my best to answer all of you 😉

Thank you for visiting, enjoy your stay! I hope you enjoy as much as I am enjoying sharing all these experiences with you.

Enjoy!! Buen Provecho!!


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