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How to survive the San Fermin Fiesta in Spain

I’d like share with you some usefull tips and advise links in how to survive and understand the San Fermines Fiestas in Spain.
I am going to lead this post with my favorite site on this topic, the people of kukuxumusu and San, a beautifully designed sites with tons of usefull information for the fiesta, tons of tips. This guys rock!!.

Helpfull Links:
The Fiesta Guide. Absolutely everything is in there, great info about bulls runing, chupinazo, riau riau, the procesion, pobre de mi, peñas and much more.
What is San Fermin?. Don´t forget that San Fermin is a religious Fiesta, but probably that aspect now a days has taken a secondary role.
Resources.. Practical information about transport, telephones, the city, how to behave, watch out tips, eating, drinking and more.

I hope you enjoyed the tips. Also I would love to hear from you your stories about your favorites fiestas in your city or village. I am trying to create a section about fiestas in spain and I need your help. Contact me in my about page.

Thanks and Viva San Fermín!!!

San Fermin Chupinazo
San Fermin running bulls


Comment from Peter
Time: July 6, 2007, 9:56 pm

Great post.
Thanks for sharing this information.


Comment from Julia
Time: July 15, 2007, 12:11 pm

The San Fermines finished a few days ago. I didn´t know all this information before. Next year I´ll be prepared and knowing what to do. Thanks for the post.

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