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Cherry Gazpacho

  • Gazpacho de Cerezas
  • How said that gazpacho is not a glamorous dish? Try this .

    Ingredients for 5 Servings:
    1 Pound (0,5 kg) Cherries
    1 Pound (1 Kg) Ripe tomatos
    0,5 Cucumber
    1 Small Red Pepper
    2 Tasblespoons of Cherry Mermelade
    2 Tablespoons of Tomato Ketchup
    1 Garlic Clove
    2 Tablespoons Vinegar
    Salt to tast
    1 Slice of bread
    1 liter of Water
    4 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
    1/2 Pound (250 gr) Jamon Serrano o Prosciutto

    First remove the all the pits manually, pressing with your fingers. Then mix and pure it all together in the food processor except for the Jamon. The put the mix in the refrigerator. Serve it cool.
    Then put the Jamon for a few seconds in the microwave in order to get the jamon a nice crispy flavor, then cut the jamon in very thin slices and sprinkle it on the top of your gazpacho.

    Enjoy your Cherry Gazpacho


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