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Homemade French Fries

  • Patatas Fritas Caseras
    Home Made Fries
    This is one of my favorite recipes, it is very simple to make and the result is extraordinary delicious. If you are a “Patatas Fritas” fan like me, this is a must try for you.
    I call this dish also like “my last resource” when sometimes I don´t know what to cook or I am lazy and I don´t want to spent time cooking. I call it this way because goes well with everithing as a side dish, goes with meat, fish, fried eggs “huevos fritos” ( or sunny egg) I love to deep the fries in the eggs.

    6 Red Potatoes ( for 2 persons)
    3 Garlic gloves ( if you are garlic fan put more as you please. I don´t chopped the garlic, I put the entire garlic clove in the frying pan.)
    3 Bay Leaves
    Salt to taste

    How to:
    Peel the red potatoes then clean and cut them in slices. Sometimes also I like to cut them in cubes.
    Then in a fry pan start heating the olive oil, you can use also vegetal oil is much cheaper but the real thing is to use olive oil to fry them, they taste much better. Depend on you to make the choice.
    Once the potatoes are cut and the olive oil is hot, then add the potatoes, garlic cloves and bay leaves in the frying pan and fry all together for about 15-20 minutes or until the potatoes start getting brown, all depend how you like them more raw or crispier and welldone. I personally prefer them more cooked and crispier.
    When they are done put them in a serving dish.

    Tip: Put a paper towel under the potatoes in the serving dish to absorve the extra oil in the potatoes, then remove the paper, they are ready to go.



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